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Dov Strickman,President LTCMED 

When the pandemic hit we were natrually scrambling for PPE products for our customers. All our regular suppliers had nothing. I reached out to Steve at Brim Distributors. He told me they have in stock N95 masks , face shields and gloves . Brim Distributors literaly saved my company 

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Franco Vanenciodany Procurment Director Super Health And Beauty 

We sell health and beauty products on Amazon. Anyone can find products to sell on amazon. We need to find products that actually make us money. The prices i get on shampoo and Eco San from Brim Distributors can not be beat 

Mike Shnitzelfresser, Mikes One Stop Bodega Wholesalers 

You guys at Brim are the best . Your creativity in bringing us new health and beauty products is really a step above everyone else 

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